Preschool-fence-psNew Marston Pre-School aims to serve the children and families of all sections of the local community. We welcome children from all cultural, ethnic, religious and social groups, with and without disabilities.

When your child joins Pre-School we aim to make them feel welcome and secure in a happy and relaxed atmosphere, so that each child feels included and part of the group. Your child will then be free to develop in all areas of their learning especially socially; learning to share, to communicate, to work and play in a group as well as on their own, but most importantly to have fun.

At the very beginning your child will be allocated a ‘key person’ who will be responsible for helping him or her settle in. For some children this will take longer than others. Please do not worry if your child finds settling in difficult. There is no ‘normal’ reaction and each child needs support both from you and from the staff.

During your child’s time with us, their ‘key person’ will draw together information to create a record of their development. This is compiled using examples of your child’s work, photographs and observations and will be presented to the child when they leave. Three times a year you will be given your child’s ‘individual plan’, which summarises his/her achievements and shows what they are working towards. You are welcome to see all of this information but please arrange a convenient time with your child’s ‘key person’. All of this information is confidential.