We hope that you will not have reason to complain. Please ask any questions or raise any difficulties with a member of staff or a member of the committee as soon as they arise.

If you would like to make a formal complaint, then please follow our three-stage complaints procedure.

Stage one: in the event of a parent having a disagreement with the Pre-School the parent should first talk to the Senior Supervisor, Paula Kirby-Norridge or Sarah Smith. If the parent is still dissatisfied they take the complaint to stage two.

Stage Two: the complaint is put in writing to the Chair of the committee. If this is not desirable then it can be arranged to meet with the Chair of the committee and a third party note taker to draw up a statement regarding the complaint. The document will be taken to the committee in confidence to discuss the complaint and propose a solution. If the parent is still unhappy they take the complaint to stage three.

Stage Three: a meeting can be requested with the Pre-School Senior Supervisor/s and/or the Chair person. Both parties should be accompanied (e.g. by a friend or partner). A third party note taker (without connection to the Parent or Committee) will make a record of the discussion. All parties present will sign a copy of the record made. The meeting will attempt to reach a decision of action to be taken to deal with the complaint. A written record of this will be made.

All complaints will be dealt with confidentially.

Pre-School reserves the right to require parents/carers who are pressing complaints in a manner which is disruptive to the safe atmosphere of the Pre-School to leave the building.

Ofsted: if you feel that you would like to contact Ofsted regarding any questions or complaints the contact details are as follows:


0300 123 1231 (general helpline)

0300 123 4666 (for complaints with regard to early years childcare providers)


Piccadilly Gate
Store Street
M1 2WD